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As a mom with a house full of teenagers, I understand the value of time!

Most parents I know find themselves wearing many hats - chauffeurs, coaches, caregivers, and bread winners. If your family is anything like mine, menu planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning are MONSTER tasks. For some, the idea that a family could reconnect at the end of the day over a healthy and delicious meal is mere fantasy. I am here to help out.


My name is Mary Richards and I am a lifetime student who is constantly in search of great food and new techniques. I have a Bachelors Degree in Geology and am a graduate of the Secchia Culinary Institute. I am a resident of Lowell, Michigan and have unique connections with the local farming community that gives me access to the finest organic ingredients available.


I have extensive experience in fine dining as well as with unique one on one situations such as personal meal planning and execution for seniors with specific health issues like congestive heart failure and high blood pressure.

So, if you are interested in subtracting the stress and pressure of meals from your hectic life, give Mary's Table to Table a call.

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