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1. Time Savings: One of the most significant advantages of hiring a personal chef is the time you save. Meal preparation, cooking, and cleaning can consume a significant portion of your day. With a personal chef, you can free up this time to focus on other important activities, work, or spending quality time with your family and friends.


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Hiring a personal chef can offer numerous benefits and conveniences, depending on your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. Here are some reasons why you might consider hiring a personal chef:  


2. Health and Nutrition: Personal chefs are often skilled in creating balanced and nutritious meals tailored to your dietary needs and preferences. Whether you have specific dietary restrictions, health goals, or culinary preferences, a personal chef can prepare meals that align with your requirements. 


3. Customization: A personal chef provides a high level of customization. They can tailor each meal to your taste preferences, ensuring that you enjoy every bite. This level of personalization can be difficult to achieve with restaurant or pre-packaged meals. 


4. Special Occasions: If you're hosting a special event, dinner party, or celebration, a personal chef can create a unique and memorable dining experience for you and your guests. They can design a menu that suits the occasion and takes the stress out of cooking for a group. 


5. Variety and Creativity: A personal chef can introduce you to new flavors, cuisines, and cooking techniques that you might not have explored otherwise. This can add excitement and variety to your meals, preventing culinary boredom. 


6. Cost-Effective: While hiring a personal chef does involve a financial investment, it can sometimes be more cost-effective than dining out regularly or ordering takeout. Additionally, you have control over the ingredients used, potentially leading to savings on food waste and higher-quality ingredients. 


7. Dietary Requirements: If you have specific dietary requirements, such as allergies, intolerances, or specific health conditions, a personal chef can ensure that your meals are prepared safely and in accordance with your needs. 


8. Specialized Diets: If you're following a specialized diet such as paleo, keto, vegan, or gluten-free, a personal chef can expertly prepare meals that adhere to your chosen dietary lifestyle. 


9. Convenience: Having ready-to-eat meals prepared by a personal chef can be incredibly convenient, especially on busy days when you don't have the time or energy to cook. 


10. Learning Opportunity: If you're interested in cooking, a personal chef can provide cooking lessons and share their culinary expertise. This can help you improve your own cooking skills and expand your culinary knowledge. 

Why choose a personal chef?
About Mary the Chef
About Mary

As a mom with a house full of teenagers, I understand the value of time!

Most parents I know find themselves wearing many hats - chauffeurs, coaches, caregivers, and bread winners. If your family is anything like mine, menu planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning are MONSTER tasks. For some, the idea that a family could reconnect at the end of the day over a healthy and delicious meal is mere fantasy. I am here to help out.


My name is Mary Richards and I am a lifetime student who is constantly in search of great food and new techniques. I have a Bachelors Degree in Geology and am a graduate of the Secchia Culinary Institute. I am a resident of Lowell, Michigan and have unique connections with the local farming community that gives me access to the finest organic ingredients available.


I have extensive experience in fine dining as well as with unique one on one situations such as personal meal planning and execution for seniors with specific health issues like congestive heart failure and high blood pressure.

So, if you are interested in subtracting the stress and pressure of meals from your hectic life, give Mary's Table to Table a call.


Personal Chef Services

I will work with you to design a menu tailored to your specific tastes and if needed based on special dietary needs or health concerns so that you can enjoy  your meals at home without worry.


As part of your service I will create an ingredients list and shop locally for each item saving you the time and energy of doing it yourself.

Your meals will be prepared in your own kitchen and either stored or frozen as needed. You will get detailed heating instructions so that you can enjoy your meals today or in the future.


Everyone's favorite part of Mary's Table to Table service is the clean up! Let someone else handle the chores for a while!


Join Chef Mary for a cooking class featuring different cultures or new food trends.  Learn professional cooking techniques to add to your kitchen!  Enjoy tastings and learn new skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Enjoy a fine dining experience with multiple courses in your own home.  I provide everything you need to wow your guests with a fabulous dinner.  Whether you are looking for a romantic French dinner for two, or an exciting and fun tapas style party for 20, I will work with you to design the perfect menu, and then expertly prepare the perfect food for you.

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